The Complete Guide to Creating Infinite 3D Worlds

Scappin Matteo wrote the course describing the process of creating 3D Fractal Worlds below and can transform your knowledge of Mandelbulb 3D in a matter of hours. I highly recommend his course!

Using The Mandelbulb Master Training Resource Guide will definitely improve your skills over time if you are diligent and patient. However, there are some that will not want to do that. They want instant results. For those individuals, I would like to introduce you to a good friend that is a phenomenal fractal artist and teacher.

Create your own 3D fractal worlds


Mandelbulb 3D software provides an incredible portal into creating and exploring 3D fractal worlds. These worlds are recursive – having an infinite level of detail, having complexity and often have an organic look to them as a result.

However Mandelbulb 3D has many options and functions, which can seem bewildering to a new user. Most users when first faced with the software, will press buttons and choose fractals at random to try and experiment to get results.

In this tutorial course, Scappin Matteo shares his experience and has a constructive and staged approach to learning the software, providing a foundation to start with and then showing the more complex and under-utilized aspects of Mandelbulb 3D in this four part tutorial course.

He'll show you how he creates his amazing exploratory videos moving through 3D fractal worlds.

The four part course includes:

  • Four tutorial recordings (6.5 hours total)
  • Class materials


Who is this course for?

  • Artists : wanting to create amazing digital artwork quickly
  • Game artists : Unique objects and environments or backgrounds for videogames
  • Professional artists : special effects for movies
  • Explorers : to discover infinite virtual worlds
  • Mandelbulb artists : Gain a more comprehensive understanding of M3D


You'll Learn:-

  • Foundation aspects of the user interface
  • How to create your first render
  • Basic optimisation tips for rendering
  • Navigating fractals
  • Dealing with light and colors in 3D fractal models
  • Visual effects
  • Handling detail levels
  • Exporting fractals as 3D models
  • Fractals understood and classified
  • Power tips : under utilised options
  • Exploring the power of DIF geometric shapes
  • How to create an animated journey into a fractal world
  • Advanced visual effects
  • Professional rendering solutions



Mandelbulb 3D software (free)

Tutorial Presenter : Scappin Matteo 


Matteo studied computer science in northern Italy. At the age of ten he became fascinated by fractals (in 2 dimensions) and in particular by the mandelbrot fractal. He was fascinated by how such mathematics could generate an entire abstract universe.

When studying programming (C ++, Processing) he discovered the topic of recursion; the love between Matteo and fractals was born!

One night in 2012, for the first time, he saw a video of a 3D fractal showing a fantastic world, without limits. It was designed by mathematics and interpreted by humans. He was speechless.

From his first simple animations, Matteo has since come a long way, studying and understanding fundamental concepts such as lighting, shadows, reflections, colors and the emotional impact they have on human beings.

He's now one of the most respected artists in the Mandelbulb 3D community and is regularly commissioned for commercial projects.

What's Included and Features

  • Mandelbulb 3D : The Complete Guide to Creating Infinite 3D Worlds
    • PART 1 : Foundation
      • Duration : 1 hour 31 minutes
      • Matteo's Story
        • Discovery and learning of Mandelbulb 3D
        • What kind of graphics can be achieved with Mandelbulb 3D
        • Talking through Matteo's animation project examples
      • Interface
        • Main Tab
        • Formulas Tab
        • Light Tab
        • Post Process Tab
        • Navigator Tab
      • Your first render
        • Basic simple formula
        • Navigator basics
        • Calc and render size
        • Light and Colors
        • Visual effects : fog and shadows
        • Detail level
        • Post processing Ambient Shadow and Hard Shadow
    • PART 2 : The Fractal Universe
      • Duration : 1 hour 36 minutes
      • 2D
        • Mandelbrot
        • Menger/Sierpinski
      • 3D
        • Daniel White
        • Mandelbulb CUT
        • 3D Menger/Sierpinski
      • Formula type
        • Pure fractals
        • 3D-3Da
        • 4D-4Da
        • Ads
        • Julia Mode
        • DIFs
        • Shapes
        • Transformations
      • Formula Combo
        • Menger + Mandelbulb power 8
      • Power Tips : User interface options you didn't know about
      • Advanced Visual Effects
    • PART 3 : Simple but Exceptionally Deceptive : Fun with DIFs
      • Duration : 1 hour 41 minutes
      • Transformations
        • Amazing IFS
        • CanleyIFS
      • Shapes/Objects
        • HeightmapIFS
        • RandCubesIFS
        • HexGrid
      • Orbit trap and coloring
      • Animating your Worlds
    • PART 4 : Professional Rendering Solutions
      • Duration : 1 hour 49 minutes
      • Scappin's Favorite Formulas!
        • Amazing Surf
        • Formula basics
        • Exploration and Julia mode
        • Rendering settings
        • Light
        • Colors
        • Post Processing in Mandelbulb 3d
      • Amazing Box Combinations
        • Formula basics
        • Adding menger
        • 32 Iteration trick
        • Exploration and Julia mode
        • Rendering settings
        • Light
        • Colors
        • Post Processing in Mandelbulb 3d
    • Advanced Optimization and Rendering Tips

All this for Only $66.95