Peter Bily

Peter Bily a.k.a. AkuraPare was born in a small town near the northern border of Czech Republic. Back in early seventies, his family relocated to Prague, an old town next to sacred site of the ancestors.

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Numbers and logic

Numbers and logic were always fun and games in Peter's childhood years.

He specialized in mathematics and later programming classes until he turned 18.

During the nineties his life was flooded with music – spiraling sounds, organic patterns, shamanic drums & deep drones, purity of chimes and bowls.

AkuraPare meets Fractals

Sometimes around 2003 Peter downloaded apophysis 2.03 for the first time and played for a short time with that incomprehensible software. Then again in 2009 with similar results.

Finally in 2011 he installed version 7x15b and studied all tutorials from ui descriptions thru basic styles to more complicated and more structured ifs formula's.

Peter also tried chaotica and its excellent renderer. He also finally grasped basics of “xaos” and flame fractals.

Meanwhile there was mandelbulb 3d, already waiting around for another innocent victim of its addictive and its  otherworldly charm!

Peter got his hands on mb3d around 2013 / 2014.  Although his time spent with mb3d is only a fraction in comparison with the past.

He still enjoys  sitting in front of navigator window and flying over desolate fractal places or peek around the corner to meet some unknown geometrical creatures.

He enjoys constructing teapots with menger holes for fun, why not?

Honorable Mention?

Yes, Peter was considered a “Master in the Making” until recently. I have been watching his progress and as can be seen below, it's really great!