Armin Copp

The Back Story

Armin started using Mandelbulb 3D in 2012 – first with Fragmentarium, then with Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb3d (my favourite for that stuff since that time).

For 20 years prior he had a lot of experience with classical Mandelbrot-graphs and IFS with programs like Xenodream, Cinema4d or Houdini. He also started with using Apophysis in the 2000's.

As soon as he saw the first Mandelbrot-graphs in the 90's, he was hypnotized by them and started creating. 

Growing up in Upper Bavaria, he developed intimate love for Nature.  However by the age of 10, he became ill with Epilepsy and Meningitis several times.

Irregardless of his diseases, he was an active athlete as a youngster enjoying sailing, skiing, and surfing. 

While studying social sciences, economics and modern philosophy in Munich, Heidelberg with a short study visit to Stanford, he Graduated in 1983 with Honors.

He had a journalistic career and several jobs as a rock DJ. By 1988 he had moved in to advertising at a leading German agency. Afterwards, starting a very successful own company for marketing and PR especially in the field of aerospace, high-tech and biotech/pharma.

During 2008 he had a severe physical illness but recovered after 11 months. Then in 2012 he suffered an economic collapse with total loss of his former existence.

This resulted in clinical stays due to depression and burnout, months of homelessness etc. 

By 2013 he was on his way to starting a new life and building up an artistic career in the field of digital media with a focus on fractals and algorithmic art. His art became his best way out of the darkness of depressions and sickness.

As already since the 80's working in the field of digital media and graphics-design, this was a logical consequence.

Armin began in 2015 commercializing his work, especially Mb3d-videos for Vj's, musicians and exhibitions.

The Mandelbrot set had captured my life since he first saw the graphs. In all of his works he tries to build “dream-worlds“ with a partly surrealistic touch.

Besides algorithms and mathematical designs, digital painting and hand-modeling he continues working in all areas of digital creation: 2d, 3d, DTP etc.

Armin has been a valued member and frequent contributor to the Mandlebulb Maniacs Facebook group for years! 

With his extensive experience he loves to use height-maps of faces. He also uses depth of field and reflections with ease in order to create beauties like you see below!