Siniša Dalenjak

One Crazy Fractal Artist

MB3D - 817-a

Don't let the "CrazyEuler" moniker fool you.

Siniša Dalenjak is from Croatia and is better known by the nickname CrazyEuler that he uses on DeviantArt.  As a fractal artist he creates some crazy cool fractals but he is not crazy. After graduating in 1996 from the School of Graphic Arts he now works as a Graphic Engineer. He has been in the same business for about 20 years. Not only is Siniša a naturalist that loves math as well and it shows in his art.

It was in while in elementary school that he discovered fractal graphics. Immediately falling in love with a world generated by fractal geometry, his first fractal was rendered all night. Back then software to create fractals was slow and inefficient.

Now however, with the development of new hardware and software for fractal making he cranks out beauties like the ones displayed below daily. After working with many software programs to create fractals he found and remains loyal to Mandelbulb 3D by Andreas Maschke.

CrazyEuler has been using Mandelbulb 3D for about 6 years and as a result has created thousands of works. Whenever time permits he  makes something new, different and more realistic. He is also a valued administrator in the Mandelbulb Maniacs Facebook group, created by Ricky Jarnagin but currently under the leadership of Matthew Haggett.

While he shares most of the parameters of the fractals he creates, like most artist he is very protective of his copyright privileges. Although he does read, write and speak English it is not his native language. In the group members exchange experiences, works and parameters. They also help new members get to know the software and participate in daily challenges.

Crazy to the Max

Not only is CrazyEuler a Master fractal artist he also has excellent skills with Autodesk 3ds Max. When you visit his deviant art gallery or follow him on Facebook you will see more of his outstanding work with this awesome software product.