Gary Webb

A Master to the nth degree

When Gary Webb joined the Facebook group “Mandelbulb Maniacs” it was quickly obvious that he had some Masterful skills. He blew us away with the level of skill and detail.

As evidence of this fact, I would encourage you to check out his Digital Doodles Facebook page that has  over 1,750 images on it.  You will be awestruck!

Gary started out with Mandelbulb 3D quite some time ago, around version 1.73/4 and possibly earlier. He never paid much attention to the read me files, or tutorials, and found learning it to be hard going.

Then one day he discovered Mandelbulb Maniacs on Facebook. This proved to be the turning point for him, as the members were not just artists themselves, but incredibly helpful to newcomers.

A few questions and tutorials later and he was hooked. The program really is much easier to learn if you do some tutorials. Once the basics are mastered, the images produced can be extremely captivating, and are great fun to discover.

And it is a voyage of discovery! It is, perhaps, the only medium where the result can describe the creator – i.e. mathematics. The underlying math perfectly describes the scene created, and the scene can be viewed as a reflection or result of the algorithm.

It appeals to both mathematicians and artists alike – a marriage between both sides of our brain.

He was always fascinated by the ability to quickly produce massively detailed images, and with the more recent inclusion of the export option, 3D models – something that has always been tricky and very time consuming in traditional 3D apps.

Although his background is in traditional 3D creation, fractals have become a constant source of inspiration.

Now-a-days he tries to incorporate them in scenes created and rendered in other apps, and views with interest the ongoing development of fractal creation in ‘normal' 3D apps.

3D fractals have now become a regular part of his creationist toolkit.

Even on days when inspiration seems to have forsaken you, spending a little time immersed in fractal forests and height-mapped lakes, chancing across odd fractal creatures that have always existed but were waiting for just the right mathematical sequences to reveal them, will normally draw back the veil of mediocrity and kindle the spark of creation.

When you browse through his artwork below, it will be apparent that this “spark of creation” has found a home inside the mind of this Master!

Gary is clearly very talented but this talent has been honed over time with many hours of testing, mistakes, redo's and finally, thankfully, great success!  

You would be hard pressed to find anyone within the fractal community that not agree that he is a highly regarded, skillful Master of the nth degree!