Hal Tenny - A Fractal Arts Legend

Hal Tenny is a high school arts and music major graduate from Horseheads, NY that has lived in North Carolina for the past thirty years. He has been creating and posting 2D and 3D fractal art for ten years on deviantart.com and pixels.com. Not wanting to ‘bother' the well known experts with beginner questions, he is pretty much self taught. Through the use of the few tutorials available at the time, and studying the parameters of other users that were gracious enough to share them, he began developing his on style. Not to mention a massive number of hours accumulated during the learning process and after.

His interest in the science fiction genre is what inspires him to produce images mostly related to science fiction like scenes or futuristic buildings and scenes. For instance the different varieties of images are certainly not limited to just that genre. In addition he also has may organic and abstract pieces as well.

With the current abundance of tutorials, and the massive amount of parameter sharing, a beginner can soon be making nice art on their own. However, they must put the time and effort into it. It is therefore quite difficult to create unique and previously unseen styles that set a lot of the more talented fractal artists apart.

Mandelbulb 3D art in the movies!

"Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2"

In 2015, his work caught the eye of film director James Gunn as he scoured the internet for artists and their unusual ideas and imagery for his films. Hal was soon hired as a visual consultant and received concept artist credit on the Marvel film, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2where his fractal work featured prominently in scenes on Ego's planet.

Christopher Townsend
Visual Effects Supervisor

When we looked at art on the Internet, we kept coming across one artist, Hal Tenny, that James liked. So the art department contacted him and employed him to share his algorithms and formulas. We gave those to various visual effects companies and they built their own versions, using that same Mandelbulb math algorithm, but each in a different way.

He is multi-talented too!

Not only is Hal a published writer but is an accomplished potter. Much of his pottery combines multiple wheel thrown pieces together to create a unique look that goes well beyond regular production pottery, some of it actually a loose representation of some of his fractal creations.

In conclusion I should mention that I have known Hal since 2011. When I discovered his art I was absolutely blew me away the first time I saw it. It inspired me to download Mandelbulb 3D way back then. His tutorials have helped hundreds if not thousands of beginning fractal artist. Over the years, I have communicated with Hal about different topics and although he did not join Mandelbulb Maniacs initially, he was one of the first artist I invited when I started the group. Above all, he has always been willing to give of his time and knowledge to me and many others. I am proud to call him one of my mentors. 

Note: All of the tutorials listed above are also in The Mandelbulb Master Resource Guide.