Jackie Bruce

aka Scratchytag

The world of Mandlebulb3D was introduced to her in early 2012, inspired by the animations and images at that time she felt compelled to learn a little more about the program.

It was some 4 years later that she took her first steps into the program and slowly with the help of the Mandlebulb3D community learned how the program worked and that is where her exploration began.

Delving into the 3d fractal world Jackie developed a love of the dIFS fractals of the program, and would often produce clean tight compositions, not bad for someone that has no background in art, design or computers.

One of the things I love about her is that she is always upbeat and a joy to talk to. She is a genuinely sweet lady.

Jackie has been a valued member of the Facebook group “Mandelbulb Maniacs” for several years and has not only thrived there but was a member of the admin team for a year!

Her contribution to the group has not faltered since leaving the admin team. She post to the group regularly and is always willing to help answer questions and share her knowledge with anyone that ask for help.

As with all the other Masters presented here, the small gallery displayed below is just that. I would encourage you to check out her gallery on deviant art as well as the art she post on Facebook.

Jackie would encourage anyone who feels inspired by her images to try the program and feel free to use any parameters from any of her collections as a learning tool.