Janhein mostly uses Mandelbulb 3D or Xenodream

Janhein is a retired clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, living in the Netherlands and in Spain.

For about 20 years he has created digital and fractal art, using Photoshop and several 2D and 3D fractal programs.

Nowadays, Janhein mostly uses Mandelbulb 3D or Xenodream, which also is a 3D fractal program.

He likes to create organic and surreal looking images.

Mandelbulb3D and Xenodream are very useful and extensive programs to create just that kind of images.

Mandelbulb3D contains a vast range of 3D modified Mandelbrot like formulas and the very interesting Abox and Asurf formulas.

But not more then 6 formulas can be used in a fractal.

Xenodream has the possibility of using an unlimited number of formulas, and also configuring them in many ways.

This program has no real Mandelbrot formulas, but many ways of transforming IFS formulas.

Occasionally Janhein will also use UltraFractal, mainly because of its possibility to import and transform pictures.

He also uses Apophysis sometimes in collages or fractal manipulations.

Surrealism is his favorite style of art and painters like Salvador Dali, Magritte, Willink, Giger and many others are his favorites.

3D fractal images almost always have this surreal touch, I guess that’s why he loves them so much.

Janhein spends a lot of time experimenting with different combinations of formulas.

He is not easily satisfied with the final shape, coloring or lighting. Sometimes it takes him 7 to 10 days to finish a piece, working each day for hours on it.

He claims not to be a mathematician, however he  does have some basic knowledge of the complex math behind fractals.

Most of the time he will use his own combinations of formulas, but will occasionally tweak the work of other fractal artists, for example the work of Hypex , Jorge Abalo or Badsue on DeviantArt or Renderosity.

His favorite fractal artist is Johan Andersson aka Mandelwerk. He was one of the pioneers in working with Mb3D, and he also creates incredible 3D printed fractal artwork.

Other favorites are Julius Horsthuis with his awesome and beautiful fractal animations and BadSue with her excellent fractal artwork on Renderosity.

Strange life forms in Xenodream

As mentioned above, Janhein really enjoys using Xenodream as well as Mandelbulb 3D. Here is an image he got a Daily Deviation Award for on the DeviantArt website.