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There are three types of fractal artist. The casual artist that creates fractals just for fun and gets a few likes on all the social media sites. Then there are Masters who have spent many hours, even years, perfecting the craft of creating fractals. These artist have a page on this site dedicated to their achievements. Then there are the artists that have moved past the title of Master to become Legends! 

Featured below are some of these Legends that inspire us all to push ourselves beyond just being Masters of the crazy fractal realm and to Inspire other to Greatness!.

The Legend known as


Vidom is a pretty illusive Legend. There is basically no personal information about him other than his place of residence, which is Italy. 

He has been on Deviantart for eleven years and I have been following his art for nine years. I am always inspired by the technical excellence of his art. The images he creates are always very clean, perfectly lit with excellent perspective and outstanding reflections and shadows. 

He also likes to hide his moniker inside every fractal he creates which can be a challenge to find sometimes.  Can you find them?

The Legend known as


A pioneer of the Fractal Forums and a long time member of Deviant Arts, this Legend has elevated his skills into the realm of 3D printing. On the Shapeways platform he has created stunning works of art that puts a nice piece of coin into his bank account. He has art that has been displayed in museums also.  

Johan Andersson is a (traditional) surreal painter and sculptor from Sweden, who became a pioneer in the 3D fractal art world with his surreal 3D fractal artworks and 3D printed fractal jewelry and sculptures shortly after Daniel White’s discovery of the mandelbulb in 2009. Online Johan is also known as MANDELWERK.

I have been following this Legend’s work for many years as well and am always inspired by his creativity and sheer genius of what can be accomplished with Mandelbulb 3D. 

Behold the biggest render ever made of the Mandelbulb so far… @ 3 . 3   G I G A  P I X E L S

The Legend known as


Brent McNeely is yet another incredibly talented fellow that creates eye popping fractals that make you scratch your head. He is not as active on Deviantart as he once was, however he can be found on Facebook also. 

His play on twisting two words  to come up with a one of a kind, unforgettable moniker should not make you think he is brain damaged by any means! 

One of the first images I ever tweaked, Home of the Ancients, belonged to Brent. I can remember being blown away way back then by his talent and he continues to amaze me even today.