Thank You For Your Service!

Lenord Curry was born in Oklahoma but grew up in Wichita, Kansas until High School and then moved to Columbus, Georgia where he went to High School. Lenord joined the Army after graduating from High School and spent the next 6 years as a GI. He spent 3 years in the Infantry (1 tour in Vietnam).

When he re-enlisted he went to Nike Hercules Radar School and spent the last years of he service as a Fire Control Mechanic at Fort Bliss/El Paso Texas. After he got out of the Army he realized his love the Southwestern Desert. Wanting to further his education, he moved to Phoenix and enrolled in the DeVry Institute of Technology where he got a Degree in Electronics.

For many years he worked in Geophysical Exploration. In addition, he worked manufacturing Geophysical Instrumentation systems. While a whole lot of years in the field as Systems Field Engineer for a few different Geo exploration companies, looking for Oil. Although he traveled all over the world on those Seismic Survey Crews, he never worked for any one company long enough to get retirement from any of them.

Now he is retired, living on Social Security only, plus what's left of his savings. One thing good about what he did was it paid good especially while overseas. So now he lives out in the sticks with his partner and his dog. Most days are spent creating Fractals, listening to a lot of 60-70 and 80's music while riding his Harley and shooting cactus.

The Fractal Habit

Although Lenord had no formal art training of any type, he became self taught while doing Digital Art just messing around with PhotoShop. That is when he discovered Fractals. He started with Fractal Explorer and an Apo3d hack. Consequently, when the Mandelbulb was discovered that was it. This is what he had been looking for but just didn't know it.

After discovering Mandelbulb 3D he was hooked. Back in those days the program was in its early stages of development and the navigator screen we all use today had not been incorporated into the program. Furthermore, creating fractals with this program was much more time consuming and difficult.

However, Lenord continued using the program through its many iterations and quickly Mastered it. He was already creating Masterpieces when I joined Deviant Art in 2011 and started following his art. As a result, I quickly began using Mandelbulb 3D myself. Lenord was always very willing to offer advice, tips and tricks. So, I have called him my mentor ever since!