Marijie Berting

Marije creates fractal images that are really very cool and she frequently adds a recognizable real world element to make the image come to life.

Marijie Berting

Marije lives in Germany with her partner, has two daughters, two grandsons and … two cats. In the past she worked at Tilburg University in Holland, Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology. However, since she is retired, she divides her time between her family, gardening and creating fractals.

She was always interested in fractal images. On Deviantart she saw the work of other artists, especially fractal art. She started to download software applications for creating fractal images herself and followed tutorials. The results made her decide to go on with it. Marije has been on Deviantart for 4 years now and is very active on Facebook as well as a huge presence in the
Mandelbulb Maniacs group.

Not a day goes by were she is not creating fractals and fractal manipulations. Most of the time she uses Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D). Mandelbulb 3D is a free software application created for 3D fractal imaging. MB3D formulates dozens of nonlinear equations into an amazing range of fractal objects.

The 3D rendering environment includes lighting, color, specularity, depth-of-field, shadow- and glow- effects; Therefore, allowing the user fine control over the imaging effects.

With Pixelmator, an image editor for the iMac, she often combine the beauty from MB3D fractal images and the images of natural objects and subjects. Adding a real element to a fractal is a technique that gives the viewer a non-fractal element to visually latch on to. It instantly grounds the fractal image in the familiar and usually gives the viewer a sense of scale. The fractal image isn’t just a cool, geometric pattern or abstract, it contains a recognizable element.

The Master Training Resource Guide from DsyneGrafix is a magnificent compilation about Mandelbulb 3D software for beginners and experts. This great and inspiring teaching guide is a must for anyone who have an interest in creating fractal images. I am working daily with Mandelbulb 3D and The Master Training Resource Guide helps me to master my skills of fractal art creation. Give this Guide a try …