Mark Brady

This Cat has Talent!

Mark Brady, aka AureliusCat, grew up on Long Island New York, USA. In school, he attended St John’s University where he graduated summa cum laude near the very top of his class with a BS in mathematics. He currently works for a mid-sized company in their A/R financing division where he maintains and manages a system he developed in COBOL many years ago.

Throughout his life Mark always loved music and art, and often dreamed about having a career in one those fields. He has played a number of musical instruments, including the bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and even saxophone, but really focuses primarily on guitar. For a while he was in several original bands playing in the late eighties – early nineties trying to make a go of it around clubs on Long Island and in NYC. As far as art, he loved creating maze drawings when he was younger, and painting with acrylics.

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The Obsession Begins!

Mark first started noticing fractal images appearing on calendars in local book stores in the 1980’s and has been fascinated by them ever since. Then he started downloading and using these types of images for things like his computer desktop wallpaper. As personal computers became more advanced, and fractal software started to become more readily available, the next step naturally led him to wanting to create such images himself. Mark began his journey of creating his own fractal artwork using the program Ultrafractal in approximately 2007. Not too long after that he discovered the program Incendia and began creating images using both programs.



Around 2010, he discovered the Mandelbulb3d software. It was still in very early stages of development, but he realized that he could use this program to create the diverse 3d fractal imagery he had always wanted to create, especially pieces leaning towards science fiction, both of architectural and organic nature. Ever since then he has been totally addicted to the fractal creation process with M3d, and his prolific collection of pieces at this time is nearing 100,000, many of which can be seen on Deviant Art, or on Facebook.

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Mark Brady
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