The Most Authoritative List Of Mandelbulb 3D Resources and Tutorials On The Internet!

If you want to unlock your skills as a fractal artist, then the MASTER TRAINING RESOURCE GUIDE is just what you need!

As with any skill you wish to master, training is critical. Creativity is a skill, and it can be improved over time. When you develop your creativity skills, you will find that it helps you in many aspects of your life.

The skills you will acquire by going through the Mandelbulb 3D Resources and Tutorial training listed below will propel you to the Master Level of Fractal Art creation! This collection of training tutorials could easily be sold for a few dollars per PDF, however, I provide it here free of charge so it can help the most people possible!

Here is an important tip for new users that may get a “missing formula” error.

The first thing you should do is to try downloading the Mandelbulb 3D Custom formulas & transforms from this link.  Once you download the zip file, use it to overwrite your existing formulas.

Remember that if you get a formula “options not valid” error, it could also be because you are trying to mix formulas from the last three columns with those in the first 8 columns.

You can’t do that unless you select DE combinate as a hybrid type. You might be using a formula in the last column without using a shape formula from columns 9 and 10 along with it.

Another possibility is that you could be using a formula from the ads columns without also selecting another formula from 3d, 4d or 4da columns to go with it.

If you load a set of parameters and you get a missing formula error then you need to get the formula that is missing. Once you add it to your M3Formulas folder and restart the program it will no longer give you the missing formula error.

Do you have the latest version of Mandelbulb 3d fractal software?

NEW !  Last Updated 05/04/20  NEW!

Latest news:

    • 2020-05-04: Mandelbulb3D V1.99.34 released: some minor changes and bug fixes
    • 2020-04-18: new official website launched (this one)
    • 2020-03-28: Mandelbulb3D V1.99.33 released: some useful additions to the Navigator
    • 2020-02-29: Mandelbulb3D V1.99,32 released: new ZBuf16Bit-module
    • 2019-11-30: Mandelbulb3D V1.99.28 released: update to BulbTracer2
    • 2019-11-23: Mandelbulb3D V1.99.27 released: major update to BulbTracer2
    • 2019-10-26: Mandelbulb3D V1.99.12 released: update to BulbTracer2
    • 2019-10-11: Mandelbulb3D V1.99.7 released: new BulbTracer2-module
    • 2017-08-27: Mandelbulb3D V1.99 released: improved point-cloud-export
    • 2017-08-13: Mandelbulb3D V1.98 released: point-cloud-export
    • 2016-03-12: Mandelbulb3D V1.91 released: integrated mesh-generator
    • 2015-12-24: Mandelbulb3D V1.90 released: animated height-maps and MutaGen


 Last version coded by Jesse.


If I fail to update this page with the newest version go to to the Official Mandelbulb 3D Site.
Owned and maintained by Andreas Maschke.

For Linux users, you can use the windows version through the wine application.

For Mac users, the wine option might work for you too, depending on which version of the OS you are using.

Benoit Mandelbrot was known as the father of the fractals, a concept he popularized in The Fractal Geometry of Nature in 1982.

Benoit B. Mandelbrot was a Polish-born, French and American mathematician with broad interests in the practical sciences, especially regarding what he labeled as “the art of roughness” of physical phenomena and “the uncontrolled element in life.” Wikipedia

Born: November 20, 1924, Warsaw, Poland

Died: October 14, 2010, Cambridge, MA

Awards: Wolf Prize in Physics, Japan Prize, Franklin Medal plus more

Education: University of Paris (1952)

Mandelbulb 3D Random Tips

If your image disappears while you are zooming in, then you can raise the ‘far plane' setting' at the lower left corner of the nav window. Some people don't realize you can use this in reverse as well. (Obviously) If the background of your image is too busy looking or you can't seem to make the background fade or fog up by using the depth slide in the ambient lighting, then you can lower the far plane setting in the nav window.

Hal Tenny

Every time you render an image the information about that image, the parameters, formulas, colors etc. is saved in the history folder. You can revisit this folder hours, days or even years later and open an image from the history folder and tweak it any way you want.

( The history of your renders will be saved from the first day you install Mandelbulb 3D. )


If you find, when you render the image that the finer edges look ragged, try lowering the raystep multiplier value. Try a value between 0.05 and 0.01 This would ordinarily increase your total render time. Since IFS renders require a low max iteration value – approximately 5 – this doesn't add to the total render time as much as it would for a non-IFS render.


If you are stuck, do this:
1) Select the ‘fixed zoom and steps' box by clicking on it.
If you want to ONLY zoom in or out, do the following:
2) Use the extra zoom buttons to navigate in or out, (buttons circled in green) NOT THE WALK CONTROLS!
If you want to cut further into your piece:
3) Use the walk buttons to cut into your piece.

Hal Tenny

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Last Updated: 02/12/2021  
Written Tutorials Tab 

Thanks to All the Fractal Artist that shared Resources to make this Guide a Reality!

You're Awesome!

Other Sections of the Guide

Written TutorialsLinks
Beginner Skills
The discussion thread in that led to the Mandelbulb
Mandelbulb/Juliabulb/Juliusbulb with examples of real 3D objects
How to Render a Mandelbulb
How to Create a 3D Mandelbulb With Mathematics!
Formula Mandelbulb/Juliusbulb/Juliabulb according to Jules Ruis
Five-step Mandelbulb Fractal Tutorial
MANDELBULB 3D Summarized Tutorials from siriusstarsageMB3D Summarized
On MB3D Styles and Recipes v.0.2
Mandelbulb 3D Quickstart
Summarized Tutorials
Understanding Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
Fractals for Dummies
MB3D Tips
How to Fold a Julia Fractal
Guia Practica de Mandelbulb 3D
Intro to Mandelbulb 3D
Intro to Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial
The Mandelbrot Set and the Julia set
Navigating 3D-space (Mandelbulb 3D – first steps)
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: The Basics
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Julia Mode
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Render Quality (those damn pixels!)
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Cutting!
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Lighting and Colouring
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Colour and Lighting cont.
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Different 3D Fractal Formulas and Hybrids
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: The 'DE combinate' button
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Formula Parameter Adjuster Bar
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial by HalTenny
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 2 by HalTenny
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 3 by HalTenny
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 4: Basic Tips
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 5: Tips and Tricks
Isolating Structures In MB3D
Tutorial Mandelbulb 3D
Mandelbulb 3D ~ Mastering 3D Navi
Mandelbulb 3D ~ Navigating Tip
Mandelbulb3D - Working with maps by Sabine 62
Taste The Rainbow
Well changes a lot
Intermediate Skills
M3D Tutorial: KleinIFS Spines and Starfishes
Mandelbulb 3D Big Render
Mandelbulb 3D Volumetric Light Tutorial
Mandelbulb 3D and Heightmaps
Mandelbulb 3D ~ Light it up!
Mandelbulb 3D ~ Sphereheightmap
Quick'n'Dirty Anti-Aliasing by Sabine62
Quick’n’Dirty: Reflections and Transparency
100 percent mirroring setting in MB3D by dark-beam
Insight Light – A M3D Lightning Tutorial by gannjondal
Mandelbulb 3D In- and outside render by Sabine62
Mandelbulb 3D – Saving light settings by Sabine62
QuicknDirty DoF (Depth of Field) by Sabine62
Mandelbulb 3D – Quick’n’Dirty Working with maps by Sabine62
Amazing Underwater Object Tutorial
Custom Height Maps For Mandelbulb 3D
Mandelbulb Basic Light and Color Tutorial
Mandelbulb 3D DEcombinate Mix Mode Tutorial
Lyapunov modifier for MB3D
Egyptian Pottery ... WTF?
An Amazing Surf 2 Guideline
Fractal Genetics
Barnsley 4D tutorial
Q3D Bulb Tutorial
Formula MandalayKIFS – Tips
Mandelbulb 3D Apollo dIFS Tutorial
An Amazing Surf ‘Roots’ How-To
What is the Deal with Color?
MandelBulb 3D DEcombinate Mix Mode Tutorial
Return of head-height map – Mandelbulb 3D with Parameters
Glass – IFSonly in DEcomb – MB3D with Parameter
Mandelbulb 3D Quick’n’Dirty Anti-Aliasing
Basic Intro Mb3D Formula Editor and JIT Compiler
Evolution of a fractal ~ a ~ to ~ z
An amazingIFS Workflow with Mandelbulb 3D
How to get MB3D work on Mac OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks
How to Add a Background Image to Mandelbulb 3D
Mandelbulb 3D, my process. by eccoarts
Mandelbulb 3D Navigator Tutorial
To Cage The Dragon – PDF version
Cage The Dragon - Final Tutorial Result
Fractalizing Yourself? Fractal Mysteries 01
How to use CondItcountSwitch
Mandelbulb 3D Quick Volumetric Lighting Tutorial
Mandelbulb 3D Gnarlies Different Way
Mandelbulb Julia spine tuto
Inside Amazing Box + IFS tut
WAY faster gnarl formulas. Sample params.
Using Positional Lights w Volumetric Light in MB3D
Basic Mandelbulb Animation Tutorial
MB3D to 3D Print Tutorial
Koch cube minitut
Rendering with Mandelbulb 3D
Mandelbulb 3D Theli-at style Box tutorial
Barnsley tutorial – new version
MB3D Burning Ship Tutorial
Visual partial guide to ‘GenCWarp’
Mandelbulb FAQ-suggestions
Survival tips for the Inside of TgladTetra
Amazing Box Spheres Tutorial
Specializing of ABox Bulbs 1
Handling Your Balls …
Placing object in MB3D without 3D Navi
Volumetric Light Orientation
MB3D dIFS Shapes
MB3D: Field of depth guide
Smileys and DIFS playing
Egyptian Pottery … WTF?
MB3D Color Tutorial
ABoxMod2 is released
Why I done an ‘alt’ Sierpinski
Totorical tutorial
No more noise on reciprocal fractals
A Comparison of Structures
DE Combinate modes overview
Choose your own house
3D Shape Quick Reference Mandelbulb 3D v.1.9.0
3D Shape Quick Reference part 2
DIFS Shape Quick Reference
DECombinate overview
Mandelbulb FAQ-suggestions
An Endless Winding Ladder
Tutorial: Placing object in MB3D without 3D Navi
How do I program difs shapes
Mini tutorial about polishing cut fractals
Mandelbulb3D shapes
Start Parameters: IFS Patterns
AmazingIFS guide extended
Gnarly Box tutorial
MB3D Plants/Grass Guide
Taste The Rainbow
Making Of Dark Temple at sunrise
How To Export A Fractal From Mandelbulb 3D
Basic Intro Mb3D Formula Editor and JIT Compiler
Mandelbulb 3D Z Start Tutorial
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial: Los fundamentos
Mandelbulb 3D Quickstart
Squaring and Scaling M3D Images- A Quick TutorialSquaring and Scaling MB3d Images 
Degree Turning
Mini Z Start and Iterations Tutorial
Amazing Surf Rotation Variations
Insight Light – A M3D Tutorial about internal Lightning and Transparency
An Endless Winding Ladder
The Taming Of The Dragon
Render Quality (those damn pixels!)
The 'DE combinate' button
Newton 3D Collection - Formulas and More
The Birth of the Insect - A 3D Newton Tutorial
MB3D dIFS Modifiers
Mandelbulb 3D - Negative Tuto
On MB3D Styles and Recipes v.0.2
DE Combinate overview
The Birth of the Insect - A 3D Newton Tutorial
How To Export A Fractal From Mandelbulb 3D
Mini tutorial on good old Mandelbrot in 3D
Tutorial Mandelbulb3D FLD - Amazingbox hybrid
Amazing Underwater Object Tutorial
Mandelbulb Maniacs

An truly International Facebook Group dedicated to Mandelbulb 3D with daily challenges, friendly members that pride themselves in helping others learn and grow.

Mandelbulb 3D

Final Thoughts About Your Training!

If you are new to creating fractals, the guide above, with all those tutorials can seem overwhelming. I understand! But I encourage you to take your time and go through them methodically and as you do, your skills will improve.

You should also find someone that has better skills than yourself and study the fractals they create. Copy the parameters they share and plug them into your MB3D software and study the settings they use.

This method of study has helped hundreds if not thousands before you. It is a proven method that will produce results.

You might also start with these two formulas alone at first and later add them together in different combinations. Amazing Box and Menger3. Other formulas can be added to either of these to create really great images with some trial and error.

Remember that with any skill you wish to Master, practice is essential. You can not just sit down at the piano and play a song without first practicing and making mistakes. 

You can not break anything while creating fractals. It is a learned skill that you can do.

As for me, my madness runs deep when thinking about helping others learn and enjoy the thrill of creating 3D Fractal Art. It’s Maniacal really!

My genuine hope is that The Master Training Resource Guide totally transforms your skillset. Now go, create Awesome Fractals for your own joy and pleasure as well as the amazement of your friends and family! 

By the way, if you have written a tutorial, shared a collection of maps or created a parameter pack that is not listed here, please contact me and I will be happy to add it.

Ricky Jarnagin (aka DsyneGrafix )