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Let me attempt to explain why I think "Interviews" are so important.

If not for interviews, you may never know about the workings behind the scenes of some of the most important moments in history. When the movers and shakers of a project pass on, they occasionally take their secrets with them. 

Now, the history behind the beginning days of Mandelbulb 3D is not as important, historically as the building of the A-Bomb, or the discovery of King Tut's tomb for sure. But, for those of us that have been affected by the fractal bug, the history of the program we all love is important.

So, early on in my addiction to Mandelbulb 3D I began to wonder about who was involved in its creation. For years, everyone knew that a guy named Jesse was the creator of the program. He was on the Fractal Forums site and I was not an active member back then. 

Later, I began to ask questions about the history of the program but could not get any real clear answers. Through continued digging some of the dots began to line up. Then I started the Facebook group Mandelbulb Maniacs. As the group grew I started hearing names like Paul Nylander, Daniel White, David Makin and Thomas Ludwig

That's when I began to reach out to these gentleman and ask about doing interviews. Thankfully, each of them agreed and now those interviews are housed here for you to read. Hopefully you will gain some insight into the beginnings of the creation of Mandelbulb 3D through the words of these pioneers. 

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Early Beginnings

All four of these gentlemen were around in the very early days of the original Fractal Forums. The often shared ideas and collaborated with others on the forum. Through these interviews you will get a glimpse of the beginnings of 3D fractals and the birth of what we call the Mandelbulb today! 

Thomas Ludwig

"I was lucky to be in the right place (active on Fractal Forums) at the right time, but as they say, fortune favors the prepared:"

David Makin

David Makin was one of the winners in the Mandelbrot Art contest in 2006, 2007 and 2009.

Paul Nylander

"The first time I saw a picture of the Mandelbrot set fractal was at a bookstore in 1998. I was fascinated by it and I wanted to learn how to create it, but I couldn’t understand the math."

Daniel White

The man that coined the name "Mandelbulb."