Masters that left us behind! Gone but not forgotten!

Before I leave this earth, I feel compelled to share with you images of Masters that left before me. Don't misunderstand, I do not consider myself a Master, far from it. But I have been fortunate to cross paths with many that are.

My role within the fractal community has always been about promoting Mandelbulb 3D and the wonderful artist that create with it.

In most cases I regret that I don't know as much about these individuals as I wish I did. However they did leave behind some great art that you should be aware of.

The galleries presented below are by no means the bulk of work created by these Masters. It is merely a representation of the fine art they created.

The passing of each of these giants seemed to happen suddenly and have left a gaping hole in the fractal community. They were all very kind, always eager to give a kind word or share information with anyone that asked for it.

It is up to you to dig further into the recesses of deviant art, Facebook or other sites to really get a true appreciation of the real contribution they left behind for the fractal community. We owe them that much.



If we were to crawl into the way back machine you would discover that I founded the original XtremeFractals group on deviantart in March 2011.

I was over my head when it came to group management, creating folders etc. Then I meet Sherry. She was already an admin of several other groups and agreed to help me run my group.

She was such a wonderful person. Knowledgeable, patient, kind and not shy about telling me to pull back on the some of the radical ideas I would come up with.

We spent many hours in private chats in those early days and became great friends, from my perspective.

We built the group membership to 1,000 before deciding to leave the group due to health issues we both had. That group morphed into XtremeFractals 2 run by LadyCompassion.

Sherry and I would share parameters', ideas, tips and tricks with each other and as a result, she pushed my creative buttons and made me a better artist.

After moving to Facebook and started Mandelbulb Maniacs I reached out to her to join the group. She finally did a year or two later, which pleased me very much.

Then I heard she had fallen ill which was concerning. Suddenly she left us and my heart was broken. I miss her so much. 


If you were to meet Larry Jackson on the street you would think to yourself, “What a Nice Guy!” GypsyH and I both loved to tweak his work as well as enjoy his kind comments on our work. 

But when Larry left us behind I was shocked to hear of his departure. I didn't know he had been sick. 



Steven Nix had an awesome moniker. He was also one of those people that just sitting in from of the computer with fingers on the keyboard waiting to see your newest creation so he could send you a complement.

You will find Steve's the Totorical tutorial and  in the “The Mandelbulb 3D Master Training Resource Guide” under the Written Tutorial tab.

The Cmdr was also a valued member of the Mandelbulb Maniacs group at the time of his demise. If you talk to people that interacted with him on Facebook they will echo the same sentiment. “A really nice guy!”

Chip Hook

Chip was a talented guy that had gone through some trials in his life. But a couple of years before he passed he turned his life around and things were looking up for him.

He was a regular on the Facebook group Mandelbulb Maniacs and was a respected contributor that participated in the daily challenges daily. 

Chip did not post very much to deviantart but you can find more of his art if you do a search for his name in the Mandelbulb Maniacs group on Facebook.  


Anyone that has spent any time on deviantart over the past ten years has seen art created by Light a.k.a. SuicidebySafetyPin. 

She was much beloved by many on d.a. especially those that frequented the chat rooms. Most of her art was created with Apophysis but she also played around in Mandelbulb 3D as well. 

Her passing stunned many of us that knew her as a very polite person always willing to pat you on the back for creating something she liked. 

She was also a community volunteer for d.a. for a while.  

Personally I always felt honored to get a comment from her knowing how talented she was with Apophysis


Gary like everyone else featured here had a style of his own. Although none of his 3D Anaglyph images when you visit his d.a. page you will find quite a few there.

I have tweaked several of Gary's images over the years and would encourage you to do the same. Just remember to always credit the original artist any time you tweak an image!

You will find Filter Forge Maps For MB3D by skyzyk in the “The Mandelbulb 3D Master Training Resource Guide” under the Parameters Sets tab.

Again I really don't know any personal information about Gary but I did follow his art and always enjoyed my communication with him.


Doriano Benaglia

Doriano was a  Software Manager of Atari Corp, and worked in advertising for a Musical Int. Distribution.He was also into creating art and music privately and studying Western and Oriental Astrology.

His style was different from almost anyone else I know. He would use mandelbulb 3d to create only part of an image then use Poser or other programs to enhance the image. 

I did not he had passed until today. Since I have not been creating much art myself, he didn't have anything to comment on. At least that was my logic after not hearing from him for so long. He always commented on my art!

Doriano was a very friendly fellow as well as being super creative. The gallery below is evidence of that. 

It was challenging to pick images for this gallery because he created so many really great images. 

In addition to being a constant fixture on deviantart, he was also a very active member of the Facebook Mandelbulb Maniacs group! 

He was taken from us to early and will be sorely missed!

Joyce Lampron

Regrettably I have to admit that I did not know Joyce. Even though she was a member of deviant art and Mandelbulb Maniacs.

Jorge Abalo  suggested I include Joyce her since he knew her before her passing.

Helena Kerr

This tribute is to one of the first artist I began to see constantly on deviant art back in 2011 when I first joined the DA site. Helen was one of the first people to follow me when I started tinkering with Mandelbulb 3D. What a supportive, kind, caring sweetheart she was!

She was probably the first artist that I knew on deviantart to pass away. It seemed so odd at the time. I guess I just never thought about an online friend not being around all of a sudden. Her passing really stunned me. 

She never used MB3D but was a Master with Apophysis. Her proficiency with the program made it seem so easy. So I downloaded the program and instantly had an even more respect for her talent.

I was confused and frustrated with the program. I decided to just stick with mine beloved MB3D after that! 

This site is all about Mandelbulb 3D but I have made an exception for Helen because she supported me when I first started and now that I have committed to this page, she needs to be recognized for her talent.  

Thanks to Peggi Wolfe, a Master herself, for bringing Helen's name back into my conscience thought! 

Rick Eskridge

It is with a heavy heart that I added Rick to this page. We knew each other for years and he was always helpful and respectful to me. 

Rick, a.k.a. cricke49 across the fractal community was a long term member of deviant art as well as Mandelbulb Maniacs. He was a moderator for the Mandelbulb Maniacs group at one time and has always been very generous with his time towards of fractal artist. 

Rick left us on Dec. 31, 2020 in his home. No other information is available at this time.

He enjoyed mandelbulb 3d but frequently added other elements to his creations using other software programs such as JWildfire. 

I know he will be missed by many followers of his style of fractal art. 

Thanks for the Memories!

My intention for creating this page has been to showcase these Wonderful People that were early pioneers in their own right and to introduce them to others that may have not had the privilege to interact with them.

I regret that I didn't get to know each of them on a more personal basis, even though I was influenced on some level by each of them.

If you knew any of these good folks on a personal level and can add to their story here please contact me.