Scappin Matteo

"The creative process is always a surprise, you never know exactly what will happen when exploring, that’s why we love it".


Scappin Matteo is a very diverse artist in the world of fractals, he moves from photo realism to abstraction in the blink of an eye, trying to catch the soul of 3D geometry.

He began studying fractals back in 2011, in 2D until 2013.

One day back in 2013 he saw a video of a 3D fractal, where the sense of scale was lost, and the infinite reigns.  From that moment he started making 3D fractals with Mandelbulb 3D, almost every day since 2018, exploring every aspect of the software, focusing on light, atmosphere and than on unusual formula combinations.

A true love of fractals was born.

Since beginning his art studies in 2011 Scappin Matteo has become a master of navigating fractal landscapes. Starting work with 2D fractal programs; it wasn't until 2013, a chance encounter with a Mandelbulb3D animation changed his life.

“I stumbled upon a 3D fractal video where the sense of scale was lost and infinity reigned supreme.”

That pivotal moment has shaped Scappins life into something looking a lot like a fractal; spiraling into an addictive exploration of Mandelbulb3D.

Matteo has worked hard; honing his vision through the years, aiming to recapture the feeling he had upon first discovering these spaces.

Five years of near daily use has allowed him total control of the program; perfecting all the processes, from lighting too finding just the right formula combinations.

Mr. Matteo's 3D Fractal Production Company

Now Scappin has his own 3D fractal production company “Machina Infinitum” partnering with Jesper Nybroe, a veteran in Visual Effects with over 2 decades of experience.

Together they aim to produce professional visual content for concerts, festivals, and films.

Lurking in the shadow of vfx for many years; now, new technical breakthroughs in 3D rendering mean fractals can be integrated with the real world seamlessly. Vectron, a new render tool for Octane, is allowing VFX artists to manipulate fractals like never before.

Compared to other stand alone fractal programs; such as Mandelbulb3D, Vectron provides a whole new level of control over every render elem