Rob Richards aka piritipany on D.A.

Rob Richards was born and still lives in Stockport, United Kingdom.

He worked in I.T. all his life and currently is an independent contractor working mostly in Cloud App development.


Rob has been deeply interested in computer generated graphics since the IBM PC came along in the mid 80’s. His work in the IT industry gave him access to good computers.

His first real foray into computer art was with Povray which he still uses from time to time. He also worked a lot with Bryce and Daz 3d.

But Rob always had a deep fascination with Fractals and after using Ultra Fractal for a while he was in his element when he discovered Apophysis in 2008. It was exactly what he had been looking for.

Rob spent many hours in the ApoShack learning from the amazing artists that frequented the chat room. People like Light herself, who was inspirational.

And then a few years later he came across Mandelbulb3d and everything changed again. He posted his first image on Deviantart in January 2011.

He was hooked. Mandelbulb3d gave him the ability to create fabulous (to him anyway) structures and scenes.

He was mainly self-taught but have learned a lot from parameters shared by others which is one reason why he always share his parameters.

Initially he ignored the difs formulas but eventually started playing with them and, since then, he mainly uses those.

These days he loves the decombinate-mix mode and sometimes wishes there were more than six formula slots available.

He currently spends a lot of his free time in the Mandelbulb Maniacs Facebook group posting amazing art and giving others the opportunity to tweak his wonderful parameters.