Sabine is a Real Gem!

I have been following Sabina Humpert for years and have tweaked several of her images. I have also gone through her tutorials which I find easy to understand and technically accurate.

In the late 80's Sabine finally bought her first (second-hand!) computer and on the local computer club's bulletin board system.

She soon found the discussions about artificial intelligence, logical systems and all the things she was interested in at that time.

And then someone pointed her to fractals, and Sabine was immediately smitten. Oh, they were Beautiful (ok, most of them ;) ), interesting, mysterious, captivating, even on her monochrome monitor.

Over the years she has come back to them time and again, even after a pause of a few years. Like meeting old friends after some time, changed in looks a bit but basically the same.

Her story with Mandelbulb 3D started in 2012. Oh, she thought, wow, 3D fractals! She really wanted them! So she started up the program… and couldn't get anything from it.

It seemed to be a horribly ‘unfriendly' program. Clearly it was not intended for her!!

Nothing much happened until 2014 when she came to by accident. And to her amazement, she found lovely people there that shared their parameters.

She loaded a few into the program and lo and behold, magic happened on her screen! By merely sliding some sliders and clicking some buttons, a whole new fractal experience opened up to her.

It took her breath away. She says she spent far too much time behind the computer in those first years after discovering MB3D.

She felt far too intimidated by all the great images posted online to just go and ask: ‘Hey, how did you do that?'

So getting to grips with MB3D  meant spending ages trying to find out how things work.

These were wonderful times; fiddling with settings, rummaging in the program's ‘innards', seeing a smashing render online, reading the words ‘DoF' or ‘volumetric lighting'.

So she would dive into MB3D trying to get exactly the same effect she saw out there.

Sabine found a whole 3D world out there.
Ugly and beautiful, created entirely by mathematics!

The same went for working with the different formula's. Some people learn by reading manuals, some by copying/altering other people's work and studying that, her method however was to learn ‘the hard way', starting at zero.

Of course, over the years she has asked online friends how they did things now and then, and began to look at parameters.

The ‘pongs' with a few people, where one person would send each other parameters of the same formula's and then alter them into something totally different and then send them back, taught her the most.

And in return she has created some tutorials to pay back the kindness of those who gave her a nudge into the right direction when she needed it.

You can find her tutorials in “The Mandelbulb 3D Master Resource Guide.”

All the self-imposed, wonderful hard work has paid off in the end. It took her a few years, but now she feels in full control over the interface of the program and all the effects.

Luckily, the fractals themselves are even more stubborn than she is and do just what they want and will only be coaxed in a very general way. There is still so much to explore!

In the renders and parameters she post online her interest is not producing beautiful imagery as much as in showing off the immense variation of fractal shapes. There is interest in them beyond pretty pictures.

The two places where Sabine (as Sabine62) can be found are and, a forum where people come to talk about fractals, their application, new formulas, fractals software, share code, and also can post images.

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