Sammy Graham

Sammy grew up surfing the American Rockies, and after dropping out of art college, he grabbed his guitar, and plied his trade in the surrounding towns with all sorts of rock and or roll, rockabilly, punk and blues.

He now resides in Denver, Colorado. One day, long ago, Sammy was enlisted to take his families old archaic photo slides and transfer them all into digital formats.

This was a huge task, but he soldiered on with the knowledge that it would make him more proficient in Photoshop. It did just
that, and once the job was done, he went looking for more things he could do with the program.

Perhaps art? Fractal art? He was on a quest, a digital quest, seeking good fractal programs. Of course he downloaded them all. He played with each one for weeks.

Ultimately, he kept the programs that worked for him, Mandelbulb3D being one of them. Mandelbulb3D just worked, unlike others, and the tutorials were everywhere online.

The fractal art group on the internet is vast, and Sammy made friends with many like minded individuals who helped in his fractal art quest.

It’s amazing how many musicians gravitate towards fractal art. Perhaps it’s what good music looks like in their
heads. Who knows?

The fingerprint of the Universe has us all. Sammy doesn’t have much of an online presence besides the Mandelbulb Maniacs
Group on Facebook.

He does sell prints in a run of no more than 5 per picture through various coffee shops and art festivals. He’s always making digital art in some form, and music has never left. 

Sammy couldn’t possibly pick just 12 favorites from his catalog, so he made his cat do it. The cat nip helped.